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Here is some vocabulary for clothing in Portuguese. There can be some confusion with certain names as they can apply to many articles of clothing. Roupas / roupa – clothes,  can be used in the plural or the singular. Bed linen is called ‘roupa de cama’ in Portugal 🙂


The articles a & o can be found before each Portuguese noun, in order not to be repetitive (and to save ink if you print it out) I have not put the article ‘the’ in english before each noun. Don’t forget that the Portuguese article is very important when learning Portuguese as it tells us the gender of each noun


a camisa – shirt / this can be a man’s shirt or a woman’s

a blusa – blouse / this word covers a lot of English words like ‘top’ for example

a camiseta –  sleeveless top /t-shirt , not used so much these days.

o t-shirt – needs no translation and is often used instead of camiseta

o t-shirt cava – sleeveless top

o casaco –  jacket / often from a suit, but it can also be other types of jackets

o blusão – jacket / more casual / a thick jacket

a camisola – It can mean sweatshirt as it stands or a long sleeved top.
a camisola de lã – a woolen jumper or sweater


a saia –  skirt

as calças – trousers / often in the plural form like English the article is often omitted like English too. 

os calções  – shorts


o fato – suit

a gravata – tie

o colete – waistcoat

o cinto – belt

o vestido – dress

Nightwear and Underwear

a camisola de dormir – nightdress

o pijama – pyjamas / in the singular unless there is more than one of them 

a camisola interior – can be anything from grandma’s old thermal vest to something more sexy made in Italy.

a cueca – non gender specific knickers, although for men boxers is often used too.

a calcinha – panties (not common like knickers)

o sutiã – bra

as meias – socks / meias altas – long socks / meias curtas – short socks

a meia calça – thick tights

os collants – nylon tights


o chapéu – hat

o boné – cap

o gorro –  beanie

o lenço – neckerchief / light scarf (it also means handkerchief)

o cachecol – scarf (pronounced like catch cold 🙂 )

as luvas – gloves


sapatos or calçado –  in Portuguese

os chinelos – flip flops

os sapatos – shoes (o sapato – the shoe)

o sapato de salto alto –  high heels

a sandália – sandals

a bota –  boots

a sapatilha – also used for trainers

os tênis – sneakers

as pantufas – slippers

Beach wear

o biquíni –  bikini

o fato banho – bathing suit

os calções (de banho) – swimming shorts

Some useful words & phrases

mangas curtas – short sleeves

mangas compridas – long sleeves

gola alta – polar neck

sem mangas – without sleeves

blusa de manga curta – short sleeved top 

largo/a – large, baggy, loose

apertado/a – tight

comprido/a – long

curto/a – short

Está blusa está apertada – this blouse is too tight (on me)

Estes sapatos estão apertados – these shoes are too tight (on me)

Estas calças estão largas – these trousers are loose (on me)

Esta camisa está muito curta – this shirt is very short (on me)

Esta camisa é muito curta – this shirt is very short

Esta saia é muito curta – this skirt is very short

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