5 Simple ways to say “Thank You” in Portuguese.

Saying “thank you” is a wonderful way to show appreciation and make others feel special. Portuguese people love it when foreigners make an effort to speak the language.

Here is a short list of 5 Simple ways to say “thank you” in Portuguese.

1: Obrigado(a)

One of the most common ways to say “thank you” is “obrigado”. You will, however, hear women saying ‘obrigada’. This is because men say “obrigado,” and women say “obrigada”.

Surprise the locals with these simple words and they will appreciate it. It is all about communicating!

2: Muito obrigado(a)

When you want to say “thank you very much” in Portuguese, you can use the phrases “muito obrigado” if you are a man and “muito obrigada if you are woman”. Adding “muito” (meaning “very/very much”) before “obrigado” or “obrigada” shows even more gratitude.

3: Obrigadinho(a)

This is the Portuguese way of saying “thanks”. It is very sweet and literally means ‘a little thank you’. This will put a smile on their faces.

4: Obrigado(a) por tudo

This means “thank you for everything”. If a neighbour has helped you and you want to show appreciation, you can simply say, “obrigado por tudo” if you are a man or “obrigada por tudo” if you’re a woman. It’s a special way to let someone know that you’re thankful for everything they’ve done.

5: Agradecer

Another way to say “thank you” in European Portuguese is by using the word “agradecer”. Agradecer means “to thank.” You can say “eu agradeço”, to express a more formal and heartfelt way to show your gratitude.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 simple ways to say “thank you” in Portuguese, and will try them out when you are learning.

Whatever words you use, your efforts will not go unnoticed. Portugal is a wonderful place to live and if you are learning the Portuguese language it will open up more doors for you. Words of gratitude will touch people’s hearts. So, let’s embrace the power of saying “thank you” in Portuguese and make the world a more grateful place, one kind word at a time!

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