Take the Six Day Challenge Now!

If you are just starting your Portuguese learning journey then you need to take the Six Day Challenge! You will be surprised how much Portuguese can you learn in six days. Take the Challenge and find out!

Here is the good news. This challenge will not cost you anything

Six days of European Portuguese Lessons with Audio – absolutely free!

Why a 6-Day Challenge?

Picture yourself sitting at a table in a coffee shop in Lisbon. Speaking with locals, and ordering a coffee in your best Portuguese. Finally having the confidence to speak portuguese and break down language barriers with our bite-sized lessons.

Studying for only 30 minutes study a day will help you to build a strong foundation in European Portuguese, ensuring steady progress and a joyful learning experience.

However – you will have to work at it.

Benefits of Consistent Learning

  1. Retain Information: Daily consistency reinforces vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, preventing the fade-out of sporadic study.
  2. Cultivate Confidence: Exposure boosts confidence, turning language learning into an exciting conquest with each successful day.
  3. Cognitive Boost: Learning a language can enhance cognitive functions, improving memory, problem-solving skills, and overall mental agility.
  4. Establish Routine: Finally, incorporate learning into your daily routine, making practicing Portuguese as natural as your morning coffee for sustainable progress.

Every Day Counts:

  • Day 1: Basic Greetings
  • Day 2: Talking about yourself – Essential Phrases
  • Day 3: Pronunciation and Nouns
  • Day 4: The Verb – Ser (to be)
  • Day 5: Numbers and How to ask Questions
  • Day 6: The Verb ‘ter’ (to have)

Take the quizzes at the end of each day to reinforce what you learned.

Ready for the challenge?


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2 responses to “Take the Six Day Challenge Now!”

  1. Enjoying your video and happily understanding most of what you say!! I just find it hard to speak 🫠 but I try!

    • Speaking is based on imitating what you hear. Practice imitating the sounds you hear. The more you practice, the easier it will get.

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