How to Pronounce Portuguese Vowels in European Portuguese.

Do you know how to Pronounce the Portuguese Vowels? Learning these vowel sounds is a must for getting a great pronunciation. Therefore, in this short article we are going to learn how to pronounce Portuguese Vowels in European Portuguese.

I will never learn!

Do you feel like you will never learn the language? Well I am not surprised. Many students set out fresh faced and full of good intentions, only to be met with. “Portuguese is very difficult”.

This puts a lot of people off, it is almost like saying, “You’ll never learn Portuguese!” At least that is how it might feel to the learner. Be sure to watch the video in the link below.

Often students I take on seem to believe that they will never learn how to speak Portuguese. I start by telling them that it takes practice and dedication, but if they can persevere they will reap the rewards.

I mean how difficult can it be? Children learn it, even babies learn!

So how do children learn?

Children learn passively. They don’t understand grammar, verbs, or adjectives. They learn by hearing other people speak around them and by practicing making the sounds they hear. Have you ever noticed babies vocalising? They then go on to learn how to say phrases that enable them to get what they want, when crying just won’t cut it anymore.  

Kind of like what we need to do when learning a new language.

Have you ever heard a four-year-old child speaking Portuguese? The speak very well!

Basic Vowel Sounds in European Portuguese

Now! Now let’s learn the basic vowel sounds. You can do it!

Imitating these vowel sounds will get you on your way to learning how to pronounce words correctly. We start with baby steps.

‘ah’      ‘eh’‘ee’‘oh’ ‘oo’

Listen to the audio below and practice the sounds you hear.

Vowel Sounds

Do you want to get a little listening practice? Take a look at this video and find out how you can get a chance to win The Speak Like a Native Course. An online course containing 36 lessons and more than 100 downloadable audio files!

Any questions?

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