Car Vocabulary you need to know!

In this article learn the car vocabulary that you need to know! First we are going to start with a story…

I didn’t leave my lights on

I was quite happy with myself the other day as I managed to fix a problem with my car! Not sure if you know the feeling of accomplishment that one gets from that but it is pretty good, I can tell you!

My neighbour knocked on my door and informed me that my car lights were on. I thought that was odd as an alarm will go off if I try to exit the car with the lights on. So I had to go and investigate.

My battery was going to drain!

I discovered that my brake lights had come on and I couldn’t turn them off. It was late at night and there was no chance of getting anybody to take a look. However, I was worried about my battery draining, so I had to take the matter into my own hands. I decided to go online to see if I could find a video explaining what the problem might be and sort it out myself.

It seemed that there was a problem with the little stopper, the one that switches the lights off. Kind of like when we close the fridge door. This stopper had broken and was no longer turning the lights off. I could see the broken bits on the floor, a classic sign. see the picture below.

Strangely enough, the day before, I had been cutting up some flip-flops to do something with (that is another story), and it just so happened that I had a rubber stopper from the flip flops, so I thought. “Hmm. I will give it a go.”

And it worked!

I was so thrilled.

Language Skills

That is the kind of feeling you get when your language skills start to progress. Once you take the initiative and get out there and learn you will feel accomplished when you start communicating better!

Chances are at some time or another we are going to need a mechanic. It will make life much easier if we can explain ourselves in Portuguese, so take a look at the video to get some car vocabulary you need to know!

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